Emergenetics - the new future of profiling?

There's nothing new about psychometric testing. More and more organisations are using it to build better, more cohesive teams. So what makes 'Emergenetics' different? And why use it instead of existing tools like Myers-Briggs, DISC or PAPI3?

We asked our Associate, business coach and trainer John Harrison. He's an accredited Emergenetics Associate.

John explained that unlike traditional tools, Emergenetics picks out people's individual thinking and preferred behaviours. The ones that have come out of their personal life experience - and their genetics. And the science behind it adds a new dimension to personality profiling.

Because it actually separates behavioural preferences from thinking preferences. In fact it could be seen as the next step in the evolution of profiling.

What makes Emergenetics different

Let's face it, there's nothing much new about traditional profiling. And it tends to reinforce stereotypes. Take the DISC profile, for example. There's the Dominant. The Influencer. And those happy-to-be-led Steady and Conscientious types. True, most people are a mix of all four. True that each type has its place. But it's too easy to look at someone's strongest trait and then put them, mentally, in a very restrictive box.

Emergenetics, says John, is both more accurate and more versatile. It can drive performance by highlighting the thinking and behaviour patterns that make people individual. It creates a common language. And with the mobile app, Emergenetics+, it's possible to look at your own and other people's profiles. At the touch of a button.

And that helps to support and embed learning and development better than has ever been possible before.

How Emergenetics could help you

So, we asked John, what are the benefits?

'It makes people more self-aware,' he said, 'and gives them more self-confidence. Which means they can give more of their best.'

'In teams, it helps people understand each other better. That means they communicate better. They work together better. They're more engaged, more efficient, and more productive. And the team as a whole is far more effective.'

'It makes for better performance management - and better decision-making.'

'And for team leaders it's a tool that helps them build better strategies. They're able to make better use of people's individual strengths. Plan more effectively. And deliver more, too.'

The Emergenetics+ mobile app is free to everyone who completes an Emergenetics profile. It gives users access to their own and other people's profiles. And that gives team interaction a whole new dimension.

Colleagues can compare profiles. They can see how best to communicate and work with team-mates. They can work more effectively - with fewer misunderstandings. And, crucially, they can deliver much, much more for themselves and for their organisation.

Want to learn more about Emergenetics, and see how it could help your organisation? Then just drop us an email at .... or give us a call on... We'll be delighted to put you in touch with John Harrison.